MOXX !- TEAM Wearing a special Electrode-vest, belt, armstraps, legstraps , all muscles are stimulated  for 20 minutes with small electric impulse

  • By doing simple exercises with a personal trainer we further boost the effect .
  •  In a normal Gym you train only one muscle-group at a time, spending plenty of time to work the whole body.
  •  with the amazing EMS-training we get in one 20 minutes-training  a result like in 4-5 hours of regular gym, just more complete, deeper and finer muscles are activated.
  • A great “side-effect”of EMS is fast improving all-over flexibility, U gonna do things U have not done in 20 years.
  • Fat-Reduction :   Fat-layers under the skin and deeper get stimulated , resulting in a direct reduction of fat. An effect you just don’t get in normal training…
  • Improved Metabolism : The body’s metabolism is boosted,  food-burning process is improved, your bathroom-scale will speak a clear language.
  • Reduction of CELLULITE :  A special  Cellulite/Metabolism program can be added for a fee of 100.000 Rp (with 12x package 50 000.-)
  • The result is optimized muscle-growth and fat-reduction

Now please come and enjoy your first session @ MOXX !- bodytec in Seminyak, Jln. Kunti 1 (Bali Deli Street) , 100 mtr from mainstreet :