About EMS

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology can easily be called a revolution in the world of sport. It was developed in Germany and was foremost intended for medical purposes. Over time, however, German scientists adapted it for use in sports and created the Miha Bodytec myostimulator.

Essentially, the technology is as follows: a device sends an electrical impulse to electrodes fixed on the body of the person. This leads to irritation of the muscles, causing them to grow and tightening up the skin. It’s exactly the same type of irritation that occurs when a person exercises in a gym.

EMS has one major benefit: during EMS training all muscle groups work at the same time, whereas under normal training only 1-2 muscle groups are effectively worked. Thus, electrical stimulation is several times more effective than normal exercise.

Currently, Miha Bodytec is used in different areas:athletes use it as a supplement to their normal workout routine, thereby improving their athletic indicators. Doctors prescribe EMS training to their patients who are to avoid heavy loads. Fitness clubs and beauty salons use the machine to build muscle, burn fat and also to get rid of cellulite.